The Rupert & Milla Story

Posted on 01 October 2015

Fun, cheeky and fresh. These are the words that Jordi, founder and designer at Rupert & Milla, would use to describe her brand's beautiful range of children’s fashion and accessories.

With the belief that every day should be filled with good times and happiness, Rupert & Milla are committed to providing fun fashion that parents are happy to put their kids in and kids are happy in.

Rupert & Milla was founded three months after Jordi gave birth to her little girl Milla. Frustrated with the lack of stylish and affordable baby clothes and accessories, Jordi struggled to find anything she really loved.

“I wanted something interesting, well made, high in quality and fashionable and I just wasn’t finding it” she says.

“So basically I started getting in touch with people all over the world and from there it just sort of evolved”.

Milla is now 20 months old and Jordi is busier than ever with the ever-evolving Rupert & Milla range now offering everything from pram liners to moccasins, slouch beanies to knitted crowns, their amazing collection of fashion and accessories are as fun, unique and individual as your own child.


Named after her daughter and her dog, Jordi’s two babies, Rupert & Milla prides itself on quality, delivering a diverse and unique range of colours, patterns and sizes, as well as its ability to bring the latest trends to even the smallest of customers.

Jordi designs, produces and scours the globe for high quality products that both you and your little one will undoubtedly love, with the collection representing fun, individual and contemporary styling.

Admitting they are not about “cutesy wotsey”, Jordi instead focuses on creating fashionable things, breaking away from the stereotypical pastel pinks and baby blues.


“Half the time I look at the things and think, “oh, I wish they made that in my size”” she says.

“There is nothing better than seeing your kid in a really cute outfit that you know is made well, that your kid is comfortable in and that is made from the best quality material that you know will go the distance with your kid”.

Currently working on an exciting new winter range, 2016 is shaping up to be a good one for Rupert & Milla, with Jordi excited for what the future holds.

“We have lots of complimenting products to pram liners coming through so there will be a full story available for that which will be great” she says.

“There is a lot going on, we have a lot of exciting changes in the works!”


By Kerri Turner

15 Feb 2016

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